Monday, April 27, 2015

"Do you think anyone is home?"

Sadly, the intense vegetation and the small pack of wild pit-bulls made it impossible for us to get even close. (The dogs were push-overs) We probably could have pushed through, but with ticks, dogs, and chiggers to look forward to... it just wasn't worth it!

Speeding right along,  we've been focusing a lot on working with members in the upcoming month. We can't do it without them, so working with them is crucial. 

SOme of the people we've been seeing this past week and seeing miracles with are:
A*** and M***- they are now ready to stop smoking (Yes!!!!!)
The W*** family
The C*** Family
Giving the N*** family priesthood blessings.
Recieving a priesthood blessing from Bishop Moll
The good people in Plumberville, AR!

Something that went crazy awesome and really cool happened on Saturday. We met this guy named N*** who is in charge of a youth-spiritual-camp thing. He says he's going to bring all 20+ of his 'kids' with him to church one of these days. I personally home I get to be there just to watch the Young Men, Young Women, and Primary teachers have a minor breakdown as all of their classes double in size! We were walking around some small country streets following that conversation when we were flagged down by a passing car. It was a young baptist preacher who thought we were JW's, but instead of being nasty like is so common once he found out we were Mormon missionaries he instead invited us over for a bite to eat and some water at his church building in a few minutes so he could ask us a few questions he was wondering about the Church. I was a bit apprehensive about it all because usually these things result in a bible bash of some sort, and while I can now hold my own using the scriptures, it isn't a very good way to invite the Spirit. Elder Thomas wanted to go, and it was hot out, so we went anyway.  Following was one of the nicest experiences I've ever had with a minister of another faith and I learned a good deal about the Baptist faith (or at least one branch of it) from him. He accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon, his daughter took my copy of the Bible (we give those away too) and both said that they wanted to read from the Book of Mormon to learn all they could. "But," said he, "I probably won't be preaching any sermons out of it any time soon." Hey, that's OK with us, as long as you read it and pray about it!

Brothers and sisters and various extended relatives, The church is true. Testimony can overcome challenges that a knowledge of the scriptures sometimes cannot. Yes, study the scriptures, but a very wise RM said fairly recently that sometimes having all of the knowledge to, well, anything, doesn't do you any good unless you can use it and understand it. The first step to being a convert of Jesus Christ's is to not only hear (or read as the case might be) his doctrine, but to also pray about and understand it. That is my invitation to each of you, pray about what you already take to be true, and seek the Lord's confirmation that what you know is true.

~Elder Barker

P.S. What we had fun doing today on P-Day:

(in front of the sister's appartment. Sister Tu'ifua is fond of the phrase "do you need a cookie?" I'm not entirely sure what it means, but we decided to give her a 'cookie' back!)

P.P.S. Elder Thomas came up with our names. All credit goes to him. Haha!

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