Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 13, 2015- "When your companion knows no bounds"

It is incredible the amount of work that can be done when you have a companion who honestly believes everything is possible. It is truly humbling to see the enthusiasm of another missionary, one who has been out literally less than a week, and get tired doing all of the work that he wants to do. Clearly I've gotten a bit lax with something, because I haven't been this tired since I was serving with Elder Clason or Elder Raiford. It's crazy and awesome at the same time!

One of the things we've been focusing on as of late is trying to go and find more people to teach. One intresting thing that happened this past week happened when I saw a raod on the GPS that I hadn't ever been on before. Elder Thomas suggested we go and check it out, as we had a few spare minutes. Once we got there we realized why it was that we had never knocked any doors on that road before: there was only one house on the entire thing. Well, we were there, so we figured why not go and knock on it. The results were spectacular - nobody was home. Yay! Anywho, we left a pass-along card with our number on it so that this family could call us if they wanted to later. Jump forward about 5 or so hours to when I started getting the weekly numbers from everybody (part of District Leader duties and all) and called the Morrilton sisters. They said that, mainly just by coincidence, they had gone to that same random street with just one house on it and found the pass-along card that we had left. So yeah, at least we know everyone is working hard! 

One event that happened specifically to us was this past Friday. It was Elder Thomas's second full day in the field, and we were going to go and try to see the S*** family. Sadly, they weren't home, but we did see several people outside which was good enough for us. THe first guy we talked to was a large, muscular, black guy cleaning up his car so his son would have something nice to take a date to Prom with. Turns out he was the preacher for First Assembly of God here in Morrilton. My dear companion had a bit of a deer-in-the-headlights moment, but even then he was still able to muster the courage to bear testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon and of our message. Major props to him, because I know that that is something I would not have been able to do my second full day out. The guy acts more like a missionary who has been out for months than someone who is brand new. I can totally see him going AP in about a year's time.

A***is doing well. We will be going over to her place sometime in the near future to help her get her place all cleaned up for when her son gets home from the military. Her husband has really bad PTSD and doesn't like other people in his living space, so when we went and visited A*** we always went to the other side of the duplex to where her son will be moving into so M*** is OK with everything. Well, M***is going to be the one going to go and pick up their son from the military, so while he's gone for three days on the road A***, us, and as many of the Relief Society sisters as we can round up are going to give that place a hard-core cleanup job. Gonna be great!

I think it was on Wednesday, not terribly sure (forgot my planner - oops!) but this past week I was also able to go and give my first baptismal interview to a girl the Danville elders had been working with. She was really young, only 11, but her testimony was crazy strong, and she is already making plans to go to the Temple as quickly as she possibly can. That too was a humbling experience.

Really not a whole lot else to say, other than we have been keeping busy. The work is progressing here, and we are committed that between the two sets of missionaries in Morrilton we will have a baptism within the next month and a half. 

Onward, On to Glory!

~Elder Barker

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