Thursday, April 23, 2015

March 2, 2015 - "The Holy Land"

At the end of each month the miles on our car resets. Well, we were really good at saving miles, perhaps a little bit too good, so we decided to just drive to Jerusalem. Because we could. 

This week was a tougher one as far as work goes, but Elder North and I are working hard here in Morrilton, and I just know things will be going awesomely sooner than later.

THe highlight of the week was when both A*** and A*** came to church! We are super stoked about that, and are continually preparing them to be baptized a member of Christ's church. Just this past Thursday we also were able to use the vacuum cleaner the sisters accidentally left at our house and we spent all day over at Anna's helping her get the place looking awesome in preparation for her son coming home from the Army. Her house is a duplex, and we cleaning up the other side, which had been desecrated by cats. But the desecration and the defecation has long since been cleaned up. We only had to take apart the vacuum three times while we did so!

Saturday we had a great lesson with A*** about faith and the scriptures. He wants to read the BoM in 30 days, and we are going to go over there more frequently to help him do so. This should help him be able to gain the faith needed to move forward spiritually.

As of right now we are at the Cockrum home, who very kindly allowed us to use their computers for the day (For you missionaries shaking your head, it was approved. ;) We are going to hit up the card games and the board games in a P-Day extravaganza before returning to the grind-stone. It will be awesome. I will also be learning how to play Hero Scape. Yessir, the world will never be the same again! Bwahahaha!

One more interesting thing of note; yesterday we werea able to help out a homeless person, and now have a return appointment with him for Tuesday. He seems pretty legit. ;D

My friends and family, I am out of time, but hold to the truth in the scriptures. If you have doubts, another fallible source of information will not give you the solace that you need. Seek what is real and unchanging, not what is fake and changing.

Yours in Christ,
Elder Barker

These were pictures taken around Christmas time by the Latina Sister below.  She is deaf and is here on an ASL mission.

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