Thursday, April 23, 2015

March 23, 2015 - "Bambi caught air!"

This is what happens when you hit a yearling going 55 mph! Nobody was hurt, but sadly, Bambi didn't make it..... She caught at least a solid second of air time!

Pretty awesome stuff, right? This was by far one of the most exciting thing that has happened to me so far. Yes, it was fun running off the road into a ditch last year (if "fun is the right word for it"), but this was me hitting a deer it doesnt usually happen every day. Mozt people are also glad for that fact. 

Last monday we started off at Sister Gates's home with brother Stover to have FHE with them. We had a really good meal of some sort of caggabe and chicken stew and finished it off with a good helping of getting my butt kicked in basket ball.

Tuesday we were able to go and talk with two people, A*** and Sister M*** Sister M*** has been really having a hard time with her testimony, but I was able to see firsthand again how awesome it is to have a member with you when you go teacing. We were with a member of the stake presidency and the power of that man's testimony and knowledge od the scriptures was truly incredible and I know that the Spirit would not have been there nearly as strong had we been there just by ourself. She was able to come to church again yesterday.  When we were with A*** we had a great discussion all about the Word of Wisdom and the blessings God gives us when we keep all of his commandments. 

Wednesday we were able to go to the Zone Meeting down in Conway. Apparently we are supposed to get iPads in May. I dunno, I am still just a little bit skeptical because we have been hearing that they will be coming for the past at least three years. But perhaps they really will be coming now. Maybe. After the meeting with all of the excitement that it had we drove home in the car we had just barely gotten at the end of the meeting, simply enjoying the feeling of not having to walk everywhere anymore. we enjoyed our newfound freedom by driving to an investigator we havent seen in a few weeks due to home far he lives away from us. We then drove up to Springfield, a small town with a whopping 500 people in it, where our dinner appointment was. The meal was wonderful and we left there with some homebaked bread. and then we hit the deer.....  Yeah..... Back to two more weeks of full walking! Whoot!

Thursday we walked around talking to people about getting our car fixed. That was pretty much it.

Friday we saw R***and A*** again, and they were both really good appointments. Both of them came to church yesterday.

Running out of time, somI will just say that Saturday was awesome and we takid to a bindh of. Really wonderful people about the gospel. Sunday was more of the same, just livigng up the life of a missionary. It involved me teying to use my limited Spanish to talk with a man who spoke only limited English. It was great! I also was told in the most polite manner i have ever experinced that I was an anti-christ. 

Love you all, and I really hope things arw going well for you. Keep things exciting, but always remember that deer do not like to fly!


~Elder Barker

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