Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 7, 2015- "#GenCon"

Both because it was simply awesome, and because it is my civic duty as a Missionary, I strongly advise absolutely everyone and their aunt to go and watch this most recent General Conference (again). Seriously, can things get better than hearing from a Prophet of God and literal living Apostles live and, for some really lucky people, in person? The only thing I can think of would be to have a personal chat with Christ and be able to hear his physical voice.

It is sad, but for so many people General Conference is either a boring waste of time or a great time to take a nap while you go and "listen" to it in the privacy of your bedroom. Come on peeps! Think of the blessings and the wonderful opportunities you have not once but, twice a year! Think of the price almost everybody would pay to be able to hear Moses speak directly to them exactly for their needs, or to be able to hear Paul boldly bear his testimony of the Savior before kings and emperors, if only for five minutes. Now think of what we've got: the privilege to hear a Modern-Day Prophet speak and to hear his witness backed up by one who some people might claim is Paul reincarnated! (*coughElderHollandcough*) With all of this in mind, please, at the very least, the next time you have to go to the bathroom during Conference, wait until the choir starts singing so you don't miss as much! (We love you, MoTab!)

Aside from that things are going well here. This past week was slow, due to getting sick, doing unusual amounts of service, not having a car, and, of course GenCon, but everything was worth it. Tomorrow is the early (aka optimistic) estimate as to when we will get the car back, but most likely it will be on Thursday. Either way, I'll be glad to get a pair of wheels back!

Other things of interest are transfer calls. They came early Sunday morning, and we were informed that Elder North will be leaving us after only one transfer. It is sad, but honestly not all that unexpected. Because, you see, prior during the week I recieved a call from one of the AP's that I will be training a new Missionary as of tomorrow. GAAAHHH! This is going to be crazy! No, I don't know his name yet, where he's from, or anything about him. I guess you will just get to find that out next (hopefully) Monday! SO yeah, I'm a little bit excited about that!

Hope everyone's day was fantastic. Catch you all later!

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