Thursday, April 23, 2015

March 17, 2015- "Da Fog!!"

I almost feel like saying in a really deep raspy voice, "Welcome to Zombie Territory." Sadly, the fog doesn't usually last though. It disappears with the sun.

Moving right along to this week, it has been good, but a bit slower than I would like. In a meeting we recently when through a bunch of the ways we measure our numbers has changed, and that altered things quite a bit, but I know the changes will be for the better. It will force us to grow and be more effective at teaching.

A*** is doing really well. She's been going to church regularly the past several weeks and loving it! I'm so happy for her, and look forward to talking with her again later today with Bishop Moll. I've not seen someone who is not a member of the Church this fired up about God's word in a long time. We are going to discuss the role of prophets when we go over there today.

On Wednesday and Thursday I spent a good amount of time over in Danville on Exchanges with Elder Meza. He's a Spanish missionary, and a super awesome speaker. By the end of our 24-hour work together we had found 8 new people for the Danville Elders to teach. By the end of the week they had found a total of 32 new people. This is nothing short of a miracle for the Danville Branch, which has always struggled with teaching new people. 

In some of our own work here in Morrilton, we have also been able to find many truly wonderful people. Not quite 32, but a good number. One event was just our walking down the road and a man in a white SUV pulled up next to us and started talking to us. He had been talking with the missionaries for almost 4 years, and we had no idea about it. I'd never seen him before. but just being outside and walking around, trying to do our job, miracles are happening. You just have to look a little bit to see them.

A*** is also doing well. He is still working on the Book of Mormon 30 day challenge. All it takes is a bit of dedication and 18 pages a day and you can read the whole thing, cover to cover, within a month (now that it's not February I can actually say that)! His goal is to gain a testimony of it by reading it all, and we had a great lesson with Brother Stover all about gaining the desire to know the truth. In the end, that's all it takes, because if you really want to know something, and I mean really know, then you will do whatever it takes to find out your answer.

Yesterday we were unable to email because the Sisters were at the temple, and they are the ones with the key to the room with the computer. And, very conveniently I might add, the library is closed on Mondays. I"m not bitter, but I do find it incredibly ironic that the one day we could really use a library open on is a Monday, and that is one of the few days it is closed. Haha. Anyway, that's why I get to email today instead! Yay!

Also yesterday we had a great FHE with Sister Gates and her two kids. It was all about the Holy Ghost and His role in teaching us the truth, and ended in my getting my butt handed to me on a silver platter by an 11 year old when we played basketball. Luckily he's light and much smaller than I am so I could cheat and just pick him up to get the ball from him. We both had a great time. Also on Monday, Elder North and I played a board game he brought from home for days like this called "Betrayal at House on the Hill". It is crazy fun, and totally worth buying it. 

Have an awesome week, and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts! Cheers!

~Elder Barker

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