Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 10, 2015 "And we are moving...we are moving!"

We are moving Elder Barker away from Morrilton! That's right,
transfers is in two days, and this cat ain't coming back till the big
'16. So, guesses where I am going? I will be staying on the Arkansas
side of the river, so that should help out a bit narrowing it down.

It's really touching how many members are saying that they wish I
could stick around, and our dinner calendar has never been this full.
Here's two of the nicest things that happened this past week: 
At the Wockenfuss family. All of the cool things you see were made by Katie, the woman on the right with the massive sword. The dagger I am holding is a replica of Sting from LOTR. She gave it to me as a going-away gift.

 I am seriously going to miss J's family.

I loved being able to hold a pet raccoon.  Check him out!  So cool.

We have been super busy, trying to find new investigators and help the ones we've got to progress in the Gospel. This week will be a lot of packing, saying goodbye to people here in Morrilton, and then getting my bearings in my new area! Catch y'all later!

~Elder Barker


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