Monday, June 1, 2015

May 25, 2015 Want to stop smoking? Here's how.

So, true or false, is running out of money a good thing? In this case, yes it is! It is a wonderful, glorious, fantasticularistic thing! You see, cigarettes are expensive little buggers, and when you have no money, you can't buy them. A*** has been trying to stop smoking now for some time, and at right around the same time they were running a little bit low on funds and cigarettes, a bunch of nicotine patches came in to further help her stop smoking. So as of right now, she is done forever! *Dance of excitement*

The really frustrating part is that us missionaries have a program that can help a sincere person stop smoking entirely in 7 days. It doesn't take anything fancy, a little prayer (make that "a lot" of prayer), a few shots of grapefruit juice throughout the day, a swig of cinnamon mouthwash, and lots of vitamin C. All you've got to do is follow 15 steps exactly for 7 days, and that's it, you're free! No more cravings, no withdrawals, just the satisfaction that you no longer are tormented by an addiction that is only serving to kill you faster. Want to know more? Go to this website, fill out your info, and when the missionaries get into contact with you let them know you are interested in the 15-step Stop Smoking Program. They should be contacting you within 24 hours.

Anywho, back to A***. The whole reason she didn't want to do the Stop Smoking Program was because grapefruit juice is one of the ways it works. You see, she doesn't like the taste. (Well, yeah, that's kinda the point!) *sigh* It was slightly frustrating at times, because she is so incredibly ready to be baptized, but this is one of God's commandments that must be being followed before baptism. I am so incredibly happy though with this turn of good fortune.

Speeding right along, some of the people we've been seeing and the things we have been doing are: T***, A*** and G*** (her son), A*** W*** supper with A***, Eagle Scout project with J*** H***s Jr., cataloging carved bricks, Z*** D***, the N*** Family, escaping a really nasty storm by hiding out with a less-active family under their carport, and (later today) a Memorial Day luncheon with the P***/H***s family.

This past sunday was pretty sparesely populated, but over the pulpit President Hopkins, the 1st counselor in the Stake Presidency, chastised all of the members for not feeding and working with the missionaries more. He indirectly told all of them that if they had been doing more we still would have two sets of missionaries in Morrilton, instead of now just the one. I was squirming in my chair when he announced that because at one point or another everyone turned around and looked at us while he was speaking. It needed to be said though.

This upcoming Wednesday (day after tomorrow) we are having the first every Mission Conference in North Little Rock. All 184 missionaries will be in attendance to receive both a visit from a General Authority, in addition to training on using iPads for proselyting purposes. I am seriously stoked for it!

Anywho, that's all for now!

~Elder Barker

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