Monday, June 1, 2015

Built Upon the Rock

I would like to start off with a thought first: the saying that if men build upon a "Firm foundation" then they will not fall away from the Gospel. Here in Arkansas we are seeing quite a few homes that simply were not built on a firm foundation, and now they have been destroyed, and even some of those that were firmly anchored simply didn't hold up because the hold those homes had on the foundation wasn't strong enough to withstand the tides of the world. With this in mind, where is our foundation, and how strong is our tie to it? Let us not be carried away and have our spiritual journey blocked much like our physical one was just yesterday:

This past week was good. Slow, but good. We have been able to go and see a bunch of the Sister's (missionaries) old people, and that's fun! The family we were going to go and see yesterday when we had to make an unexpected detour was one such family. Funny story: The Sisters had originally met them when the mother went online to request a free copy of the book of Mormon. The Sisters showed up and began sharing with them the message of the Restoration. Well.... it had been about 2 weeks between their last visit (this family lives way out there) and when they got pulled out. Two days ago we received a text on the phone from Church HQ saying this family wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon taken to them. After looking at the text message I recognized the name as someone the Sisters had been teaching. I guess this family got fed up with waiting for the Sisters to come back and took matters into their own hands! We are excited to start getting to know them for ourselves. Their son, T***, is really a cool guy. He and Elder Thomas hit it off talking about sports.

A*** IS OFF OF THE PATCHES!!!!! *Que fireworks* I really had not idea how to lead into that, so I just threw it out there. Yeah, We are stoked!

Also, President Wakolo just announced that we will be getting iPads Tomorrow! Yeah, this is getting cool. We had a training on it last week with Elder Zwick of the 70 (see pic below) but I didn't realize that we would actually be getting the devices within a week! Usually it takes a little while, but this time we get to have nice things rather quickly. =D

(I'm not sure who the other missionary is. Never met him before. HaHa!)

I'll leave it at that, so my comp has more time to email. Catch y'all later!

~Elder Barker

 A missionary's typical study desk

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