Monday, March 31, 2014

Mission Math

If I did my math right, today is day 63/730, or 63/731 if next year is leap year. This means I am either 8.501% done with the mission, or 8.499%. (I did that on paper. So proud of myself.) It's kinda freaky that, although the 29th was my 2 month mark, it really doesn't seem like all that much, but put it in percentages and it becomes a whole new ball-game.

It also sets in the reality that I've been out for an incredibly long time, and while it doesn't feel like it, we can't seem to get any of our investigators out of the beginning stages. We can find people to teach, and start to teach them, but we can't get them to the finish line. it's a little frustrating. Perhaps this is wrong of me but I just want to help someone get baptized.

Most of our investigators are all on the same road though, so it's really easy to get from one appointment to the next. But all of them have issues that we need to work with. J*** still has horrible anxiety and thinks himself an awful person, O*** still likes to get drunk, J*** doesn't want to come to church yet, C*** has some serious WoW (word of wisdom) issues and was a convicted felon, and the newest people we found, T*** and J*** (different J***), are simultaneously the easiest to teach and the strangest people I have ever met. The W*** Family are always injured and in the hospital as well. *sigh* Maybe one of these days we will be able to go back and have a second lesson.

Funny story about O***. One of the times we went over to teach him and his family, largely just K** and K** (daughters) now, he was drunk again. Not plastered like he was a while ago, but just drunk enough that he really didn't care what he said or what was said. During our lesson (it went surprisingly well) he let slip that after the first time we stopped by the house all of his daughters talked for about 5 minutes about how cute the missionaries were. They didn't have conversations like this after they found out that one of many restrictions on missionaries is no dating while serving, but the mortified look on their face after their father/step-father told us this was priceless. 

To make things even funnier (for me) we somehow got on teh topic of what music we listened to before we went out. This was another appointment, BTW. I told them that I enjoyed listening to instrumental music, largely because the singers' voices grate on my ears sometimes. Before I could say anything else K** snorted "nerd". As soon is it came out she slapped both hands over her mouth. It was hilarious. To make things even better they, both K** and K**, spent the rest of the night doing everything they could to take their proverbial foot out of their mouth. They won't be able to live this one down for a month. hehehe

We are probably going to play volley ball with the other missionaries here in a bit. This should be fun, especially because Sister Wilkerson is about 5-foot nothing. Wearing heels. Kinda reminds me of a bunch of my friends back home. 

Honestly, not much else to say. Talk to you all again next week!

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