Monday, March 17, 2014

"I was just swinging a sword"...the rest of the story.

For the rest of the human population getting my emails/reading my blog, yesterday was my favorite brother's birthday. He just turned 4 for the 6th year in a row. Quite an impressive feat. Please feel free to publicly humiliate him for me, all in the name of surviving another year around the sun.

I realized that I had forgotten to tell the story about the sword-swinging. Sorry 'bout that. For some reason that I cannot remember Elders Weaver and Despain were in our appartment. I think that they may have been on bike-week and we were giving them a ride somewhere. Anyway they were inside and we, Elder Clason and I, had gone outside for about 5 minutes to go and get the mail. After discovering nothing but ads again we went back to the apartment. E.Clason had left the door slightly open so he could 'kick in' the door on the way back, which he proceeded to do so while screaming like a lunatic. After the door stopped moving the first thing we saw was Elder Despain kneeling on the ground picking something shiny out of the carpet. He looks up at us and the first things out of his mouth were the words "I was just swinging a sword". This was when we noticed a conspicuous lack of a light bulb in the ceiling fan. Mainwhile Elder Weaver is sitting at the table trying hard not to laugh. For some crazy reason we had had a 3-foot long sword stashed away in a closet which E.Despain had happened to find. I'm not sure it's purpose in a missionary's apartment, but he had thought that it would be a grand idea to try becoming a fencer with it. It didn't end well. After the glass stopped falling he apparently told E.Weaver that it would be their secret what had happened. As if we wouldn't notice that we no longer had any light in that room. So yeah, that was exciting.

Funny story. We are back in contact with D***'s family. Stop laughing; that's not the funny part. We were talking to them at their house for a bit and they told us to not stop coming over. Fine by us. (Nope, that's not the funny bit either.) Anywho, we went over there again just before church on Sunday, and both D*** and A*** (le wife) told us that they would not be going to church. "Ok, that's fine. Can we send your daughters instead then?" "Oh, sure. That'd be great!" "Sweet!". I'm pretty sure how the conversation went. So anywho we got them to church with the Bishop's wife, and K**, one of O's daughters went as well. I think that K*** will be our first baptism. Jason also would have come, but he has pretty awful social anxiety. Hopefully next week will be the week, but honestly I'm just glad that some of our investigators came! We have gone too long without any of them in church.

We also met with the W*** family. K*** has done her research. One of her sisters converted Mormon, while another converted Islam, and to top it all off her g-father is a baptist preacher. Because of all this she has checked into basically every religion ever known to man and has pages upon pages of notes on all of them, with a great deal of emphasis on the LDS faith. Just to give an idea, the first question she asked us dealt with the Melchizedek priesthood, why we don't use it's actual name, and if the biblical priest is where it's name came from. It was a rather impressive discussion, especially once you take into account that we were there for a little over 2 hours and every minute of it was about questions like this. It made me very glad that Elder Clason was well versed in the Bible, because if it was just me I would have been totally lost. I still was, but at least I was able to provide some support. We will go back and teach them again sometime this week. I have a feeling that this will either be a quick baptism, or we will be dropped equally quickly.

The weather has been cold. Lots of small storms to keep the temperature down and the humidity up. I am hoping that this next week will be better. At least there are no bugs.

This week has been a bit hard on our numbers. We had a lot of appointments fall through, and our luck in finding has seemed to finally run out. We only found 5, and a couple of them was at 8 pm last night. Again, here's hoping that next week will be better.

Elder Jayden Barker

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