Monday, December 7, 2015

November 30, 2015 "Rain and Gratitude"

With Thanksgiving just over I still feel that I have a lot to be
grateful for. We've been seeing a lot of miracles, even in the midst
of all the rain. As I was going through the week it felt a lot like I
was failing at what I was supposed to be doing. And yet, by the time I
got to the end of the week the numbers showing what we accomplished
were higher than they've been in a while. It truly was a miracle.
Because of time I can't go into detail on what happened, but I will
let ya'll know more next week.

I know that God's hand truly is over this work. He cares for us and
since the work of Salvation belongs to Him, He will do all he can to
help it go forth. When we are working our hardest great things happen.
When we are working our hardest and are being obedient to the
commandments those great things become miracles. Sorry for the short
note, but I love you all and will write more next week!

~Elder Jayden Barker

Fun side notes: Missionaries have a thing called "Six Months to Sexy".
According to the other members of the district I am currently in "Six
Months to Sumo". I'm not sure how I feel about that. lol

We had a Turkey Bowl Thanksgiving morning. We were playing with a QB
who couldn't run due to injuries, and the other team only beat us by 2
TD's, even with it basically being 4 vs. 5.

It was pouring nicely yesterday and we were quite wet when we biked over to dinner. We had an appointment after dinner that went really well, and when we left the appointment for home it wasn't raining at all. Not long after we got back inside the rain resumed. #SmallMiracles

We had 4 non-members and 2 returning members at church today. We also were able to confirm 4 people in church following their baptism on Saturday.


"Don't forget to read!"

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