Friday, October 23, 2015

October 12, 2015 "The Final Countdown"

This week has been crazy and certainly more than a bit unique. It, of course, started with last PDay. As of today the Jonesboro District Leader, Elder Hamblin, has just about two weeks left on his mission. (Later this week he will give his departing testimony; he's still in denial about it all. lol) After we got our shopping done and such we headed over to the Spanish Elder's apartment to socialize with them until it was time to head back to work. Elder Lewis and Elder Geddes went off to go play some golf, leaving myself, Elders Ceron, Price, and Hamblin to do stuff. We bought some pizzas to eat for lunch and were just enjoying hanging out when we heard a knock on the door. Very rarely does anybody ever knock on a missionary door except for missionaries of other religions, so we followed our gut instinct to grab the nearest set of scriptures and throw wide the door. On the other side was a large man wearing a dark green shirt depicting bowhunter zeroing in on a deer. He introduced himself and said he was from some other city in Arkansas. He had talked with missionaries quite a bit home and had given them rides a few times, and recognized that most missionaries will have a picture of Christ on the door. He took a hunch and knocked on our door, thinking it might be more Mormon missionaries, so he could ask for a little help moving his daughter. He was happy to find out he was right.

After we helped him out and got the rest of what we needed done we headed over to Elder Hamblin's apartment to eat. He started firing up the kitchen to make stuff and made a comment something about how there was no music to listen to. I, being the incredibly helpful and useful individual I am, generously fired up a MP3 of the Mission Song on my iPad. Together, Elder Ceron, Elder Price, and I provided the music that he said he so desperately wanted. The painful ways he was threatening to kill us by is a clear indication that he enjoyed it immensely and enjoyed the encore just as much as the first performance. After all, if he's going home soon we have to help him enjoy the song as much as possible before he leaves! Lol.

That's another crazy thought. This transfer is just about over. And upon the conclusion of this week I will have less than 100 days left. That mark is either the 15 or the 16, or maybe the 17, I don't actually know; I got off a little in my counting. So, to make things a bit more fun, here's an invitation to all of you who read my letters. Email me a list of things that I need to accomplish before it is time for me to take off the badge. I will take 100 of the most fun items on the list, and make it a goal of mine to accomplish all of them. This is why I will need all y'alls help though. Just 5 people will most likely not make the list big enough, so you need to send some stuff in too! It could be I need to take a picture of said random event, or do something weird while I am out and about. Whatever floats the boat works. I just can't break mission rules to do it, so please nothing involving explosives, water activities, or extreme sports. While I would love to do stuff like that, I kinda can't right now, so we'll just do it when I get back. Next week I should have the list put together and I will show everyone. 

We've had a bunch of interesting discussions with other people this past week. One such discussion ended in our investigator getting super riled up and cussing out her father. It made things a tad bit awkward, and we left not long after that. On the other hand we had a great discussion with a guy named R*** just yesterday. He is hard to get a hold of, but we had a schedule where we will go and visit him about once a week on Sundays at 2. We were able to share a lot of new information about what happens after death and Christ's role as our Savior. I fully believe that someday he will join the church. It might just take a little bit!

We also got to witness a full blown case of domestic violence while we were talking with a few people on Tuesday. There's this house that every time we knock on it we meet someone new. Apparently a few of these people became rather angry with eachother, enough so that three police officers showed up to help keep the peace. We were recommeded by the people we were talking with that it would probably be a good idea of we came back the next day and got out of the area for a bit. Randomly there was a small fair going on, so we poked our heads in and got to talk with several baptist ministers for almost an hour. They had talked with the missionaries about a year previously. After talking with them it became a bit more clear that they had spent more time looking up anti than they had actual doctrine, and thus their ideas were a little bit skewed. We'll see if they give us a call like they said they would.

The highlight of everything this week was being able to help 5 people come to church, 4 investigators and one lessactive who hadn't come to church in a very long time. Hopefully this week will be even better!

Love you all, and I will see you again next week! If there is anything you want to know about the area or about me, please let me know and I will be more than happy to get back with you. I love getting emails! =D

~Elder Barker

"Don't forget to read!"

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