Monday, September 7, 2015

"What just happened? I dunno."

​I love having the iPads to use as tools. I really do. But ​sometimes it makes it rather difficult to remember what happened throughout the day, because you aren't committing everything down to paper. But I'll give it my best!

Last Monday wasn't much of a PDay, mostly because it ended really early and just stuff came up. I'm not complaining because the stuff we had to do was important, but it did help make the day memorable. We had just started eating a late lunch with the other Elders when their phone rang. On the other end was the Relief Society President of the Paragould branch. One of the members of the Branch was in the hospital here in Jonesboro and had requested a blessing. (Because Jonesboro has about 70k people, there are lots of hospitals here and people get transported here often.) Because the other Elders didn't have a car, we responded to the call. It only took us a short time to find his room, and when we entered we saw a man in an official-looking uniform standing near the bed, which contained a similarly dressed man hooked up to all sorts of wires and tubes. His wife sat in the chair on the other side of the bed. Everyone looked at us as we entered the room.

We introduced ourselves as two of the missionaries in Jonesboro, and asked if the man on the bed would like a blessing. The other man politely left the room as he nodded his head yes. We administered the blessing with Elder Price as the voice. It was a powerful blessing all about the Atonement and forgiveness and how it ties into healing. Just before we left we learned that this good brother had only been a member of the Church 3 weeks. The Lord has great plans in store for this man, and I felt very blessed to be able to be there for that blessing.

I will do my best to write more, but right now we are emailing at the ASU campus. One of the professors here is a member of the church and lets us in to do stuff on Mondays. He is also going to help us light our hands on fire or something else that is awesome, so I will go and do that and let you know how it goes! Tootles!

Elder Barker

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