Monday, January 12, 2015

The Food Awaits! December 22, 2014

As I was sitting here, trying to come up with a somewhat whitty subject line (what do missionaries have if not clever subject lines?) one of the nice people here working in the library said that beautiful piece of poetry within earshot. It is her now eternal fame to be remembered for food!

This week was particularly slow, but we have seen some awesome miracles! We've spent the majority of our time going through the Sisters' old Area Book, and we compiled a list of names and addresses of people that we would like to go and see. Some of them haven't been talked with again in almost a year. Some were not home (most of them actually), some were rude, most were polite, and some had already moved and were replaced with a very nice (probably) Hindu family from India who didn't speak a lick of English except for the mother. That was fun. I totally want to go back and try teaching them.

We've also been gifted with a great many left over meals from members of the church this past week. It's remarkable how volunteering to play the piano for the Primary can get you in people's good graces! Elder Holden gets to sit in the back and sing solo pieces while I try and figure out some of the songs in the Children's Songbook. I'm surprised at how complex some of them are!

Some of the other really cool things I've been able to do takes place in my studies. I've been working a great deal on learning and memorizing scriptures in the Bible to share what we believe a little bit better. Want to know if God cares about us? Look up Ecclesiastes 12:7. Want to know why a Restoration of the Gospel was necessary? Because 2 Timothy 4:3-4 and 2 Peter 2:1 happened. It was also talked about in Acts 3:21 as being necessary before Christ will come again. Cool, right? Sorry this is all so short, but I guess I'm just excited to be able to skype with my family in a few days. It's gonna be great!

Elder Jayden Barker

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  1. i totaly looked up the scriptures and they fit the description perfectly! although some of them were a little confusing.