Monday, November 3, 2014


Howdy y'all!
I'm afraid I don't have a whole lot of pictures to send to you. Just the one of an investigator's cat trying his very hardest to get into a shelf crammed with DVD's and stuff. He actually succeeded at first. And then he tried to wiggle a little more to get in a little bit deeper and fell flat on his back with a spray of DVD cases. True story, cats do NOT always land on their feet. Also a random squirrel I saw chilling on a tree.
Halloween was fun, but since it is one of the biggest wastes of time for knocking on doors for missionaries we just went indoors by 6. I had a personal goal to read all of the New Testament in the 4-ish hours before I went to bed. Plenty of time for a bibliophile like myself to read a couple hundred pages, right? Surprise of all surprises, our door just kept on being knocked on by a bunch of strangely dressed children! Perhaps I should have thought of that before I made my goal, but I will just say that I failed in reading the entire N.T.  I did get to the tail end of Mark though.
We also had a haloween activity the Thursday before with huge success. There were about 30 kids that showed up, and the best part was that some of them were the M***family!!! We literally called everybody on the list trying to get a ride for this family to come up to the church for the activity, but absolutely nobody was able to help. We were literally praying for a miracle and had pretty much given up hope that we would find someone to get them there because of the lateness of the hour, when Brother Clark called us back after getting our voicemail and said that he was actually in Walnut Ridge at that moment and would be able to help us out. It was so awesome! Yes, they still can't come to church with us for the longest time, but the fact still is that they came and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Other than that not a whole lot has been happening. Just been super busy with missionary life. I've not enjoyed lunch-time naps this much for a while, perhaps since Finals in college, and that wasn't even this stressful! But hey, Viva La Restoration!!
Catch you all later!
Elder Jayden Barker

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