Monday, October 6, 2014

Only in the South

So the picture was not photoshopped. This happened about 30 minutes after my email last Monday. In the Walmart parkinglot. Apparently this is quite the common occurance down here.
I'm so out of time it's not even funny. The only reason I've not been kicked off yet is that this computer has been dreadfully slow and that there is nobody else in the Library right now. #TenderMercies. So if this is shorter than normal, it's because I'm just stickking to the bare bones. Please forgive typos as I most likely won't go back to fix them. 
First off, Gen Con was awesome this week. We were over at B*** house durring the Sunday afternoon session, and when Elder Bednar got up to speak and said that he would be focusing his remarks to those who are not members of the church, both Elder Raiford and I turned and looked right at B***with the biggest grins on our faces. Anywho, it was fantastic. Of all of the sessions, the Saturday afternoon was probably my favorite. I'd talk more, but alas for time constraints.
Next week is transfers. Elder Raiford has been here for 5 transfers now, 7.5 months. And yes, 4.5 of those months have been with Yours Truly. I'm loving it. Also, he only has one more transfer left, leaving back home in December, so here's the question: what's going down next week? Personally I think we will both be staying, but I'd love to hear what y'all have to say.
1. both staying
2. both leaving
3. me leaving
4. him leaving
I've been asked what we do for Halloween. Honestly, that is one of the holidays that we just stay inside, both because of common sense, and also because we are told to. A lot of people like to dress up as missionaries and wreck havoc around here, so we just stay indoors and tell everyone that is where we will be. We will take the time to try to pass out pass-along cards and candy to everyone who would like to knock on our door. Perhaps we will dress up as zombie missionaries or something. We'll make it fun.
This week has been awesome. We've seen a lot of miracles in finding new people to teach, many of which we will see today or tomorrow. Thank you for all of your prayers, and keep serving God. I know He will bless you for it!
-Elder Jayden Barker

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